Social Responsibility Philanthropist Lou Zhongfu

Lou Zhongfu, male, was born in February 1954. He is a member of the Communist Party, a senior politic official, a senior economist, a representative of the Tenth NPC, the Honorary Chairman of Guangsha Group and a famous private entrepreneur in China. Led by him, Guangsha Holding has become one of the biggest private enterprises in China.

Guangsha has been established for about 30 years and it is mainly engaged in construction, real estate and energy,. Besides, it is involved with many other fields like education, medicine, finance, media, restaurant and tourism. It owns a listed company named “Zhejiang Guangsha”, which is a large-scale national grade company with total asset of RMB30 billion Yuan and more than 100,000 employees. Lou Zhongfu is absolutely a distinguished and successful entrepreneur as well as a philanthropist.

Lou Zhongfu has been devoted to public welfare establishments for many years. He once said that “I was born in a farmer’s family in Dongyang. The hard life in my childhood left me a deep impression that people should take care of the others and the good life is created by the cooperation of all people. I think the development of an enterprise is determined by three factors, which are environment, efforts and the support from society, and none of them is dispensable. Investing in proper time and donating to public welfare establishments are not only the demand of expanding development fields of an enterprise, but also the social responsibility of entrepreneurs. It is a simple principle. Therefore, I always tell my employees that Guangsha people shall not forget social responsibility and the pursuit of career”. “To repay the society is the responsibility of Guangsha people.”. 

The principal works of Guangsha is construction. Housing is important to thousands of families and to build the house that is affordable by ordinary people is the best expression of Lou Zhongfu in realizing the original intention of “providing houses for the poor scholars and making them live a happy life”. The first demonstration welfare city, that is, Hangzhou Tiandu City, is the best presentation. Faced with the surging housing price in Hangzhou, Guangsha Tiandu City sticks to the orientation of “Low price and high taste” and provides houses for ordinary people with average price of less than 3000 Yuan/square meter (which is several times lower than the housing price in downtown area) and realizes the dream of living in the modern city. Therefore, Guangsha won the recognition of the government, society and the ordinary people.  

The schooling and living of the vulnerable groups in different areas is one of the key social problems that Guangsha pays attention to. In February 2000, it donated more than one million Yuan to the Hope Project in Fengjie County of Chongqing. In September of the same year, it invested RMB400,000 Yuan in establishing Guangsha Hope Primary School in Sandan Town of Dongyang. From 2001, Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government organized “Spring Breeze Action” with the aim of implementing the important thinking of “The Three Represents” theory, strongly helping the laid-off workers, unemployed, those with serious disease and the handicapped to overcome difficulties and improve their living standard. Guangsha actively participated in it and was honored as Contribution Prize of “Spring Breeze Action”. In 2002, Guangsha Group invested RMB 15 million Yuan in establishing “Zhongfu Charity Fund”, which aims to actively help the destitute household and dropout students. The philanthropic act did not only get rid of the worries of the poor students, but also played an active role in the mental and physical health of the juvenile. In 2003, Guangsha established a charity fund with an investment of RMB 5,000,000 Yuan in Yuhang District of Hangzhou and a charity fund with an investment of RMB10,000,000 Yuan in Dongyang. By the September of the same year, it had donated RMB1,200,000 Yuan to Hangzhou Charity Federation. Hence, Guangsha Group was rewarded as “Charity Live Prize” by Zhejiang Charity Federation.  

In 2004, it invested RMB4,000,000 Yuan in establishing Zhejiang Media College “Media Scholarship”; it invested RMB3,000,000 Yuan solely in sponsoring the theatrical evening of the opening ceremony of the 7th China Art Festival. It held four special performances categorized by workers, military policemen, teachers, migrant labors for ordinary people, through which they enjoyed a high-level and high standard artistic performance for free. In the same year, it invested more than RMB60,000,000 Yuan in establishing Zhejiang Film and Video Group with Zhejiang Broadcast and Television Group and RMB3,000,000 Yuan in establishing Qianjiang Spray Art Troupe.

Jiangning Weaving Mansion, the memorial hall of the former residence of Cao Xueqin, the only brocade art museum in China, the biggest literary museum of A Dream in Red Mansions….the projects that have been awaited by many experts, scholars from home and abroad and people from all walks of life in Nanjing for 20 years, Guangsha Group won this “big-leaf hydrangea” with an investment of RMB350,000,000 Yuan in 2006. It made great contribution to the cultural tourism of Nanjing, which was the capital of many dynasties in ancient times.  In August 2006, the ultra-strong typhoon “Saomai” hit the coastal areas in Zhejiang and caused great loss to the lives and properties of local residence. Guangsha donated RMB300,000 Yuan to the area attacked by typhoon and organized a construction team to the disaster area to establish 90 rooms each with an area of 2000 ㎡. It invested more than RMB900,000 Yuan in total and created simple but warm houses for the families that were seriously hit.  

In 2007, in order to promote the opening of “migrant worker online” program in Zhejiang, Guangsha actively responded to the activity of providing radios for the farmer workers and it got great social response.  

By now, Guangsha Groupd has donated about RMB40,000,000 Yuan for charity organizations of all levels and the amount of donation and investment on public welfare establishments has reached more than RMB one billion Yuan.

Having suffered hardships for more than30 years, Lou Zhongfu deeply realizes that without the support from the Communist Party, the country and the people, Guangsha would have no surviving base, let alone development. Collected from the people and used for the people, Guangsha will make every effort to repay society. He thinks that a successful entrepreneur should also be a philanthropist. For an entrepreneur, the management of all types is an overall operation of social resources. And the management of an enterprise means the management of society to certain extent. People who own and use capital occupy certain social power no matter he does it spontaneously or not. Therefore, an entrepreneur must assume social responsibility.  

Lou Zhongfu sticks to this principle as always, that is, an entrepreneur should have love and repay society; repaying the society is the responsibility of an entrepreneur and a successful entrepreneur should also be a philanthropist.