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Construction Industry
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The construction industry is the dominant industry of Guangsha and the output value of construction occupies 75% of the total sales volume of Guangsha. Guangsha construction industry boasts strong strength and includes nearly 20 professional construction companies with high qualifications, quality and advanced technology. Among its branches, Guangsha Construction Group and Zhejiang Dongyang Third Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. have the credit of Special Grade National Housing Construction General Contractor; Hangzhou Construction Group, Guanghong Construction Co., Ltd. and Guangsha Hubei Sixth Construction have the credit of Grade 1 National Housing Construction General Contractor; Shaanxi Luqiao Group, Shanghai Mingkai Civil Engineering and Zhejiang Guangsha Civil Engineering have Grade 1 Road, Bridge and Public Civil Engineering Construction General Contractor. Besides, Guangsha also includes enterprises with mechanical & electrical equipment installation, precast units, ancient gardens, construction supervision and advanced construction design qualification.
Sticking to the strategy of “huge market, large project, large base and grand brand”, Guangsha Construction has realized rapid development and improvement in industrial scale, market region and professional qualifications, ranking 8th in China’s construction industry. Its annual construction capacity reaches 30 million m2 with the construction industrial chain stretching into civil engineering construction, road & bridge construction, ancient garden construction, construction works supervision, mechanical & electrical equipment installation, construction design, construction talents training institutions, etc..
The operation region of Guangsha construction industry marches steadily along the path from Zhejiang to the entire county and out of China. 
Besides Zhejiang, it has established big regional bases in key cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Xi’an, Wuhan and Nanjing.
Guangsha is the first company in the industry to be granted with foreign trade certificate and its construction business has been expended to over ten countries and regions in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. In particular, the construction of the parking lot of Meydan International Racecourse in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and 10,000 sets of residential building project in Algeria. It indicates that Guangsha has the ability and strength to compete with first class international contractors.
The project of Dubai racecourse parking lot contracted by Guangsha Construction Group is an auxiliary project of the racecourse, which consists of three parts: the main body of the parking lot, a viaduct and four auxiliary buildings. The parking lot is a two-storey building with total construction area of 658,000 m2,, , including parking lot and auxiliary facilities and buildings,
Since 2001, Guangsha has successfully marched into Algeria and its business in Algeria is about 500 million dollars.
“To imbue life consciousness into construction” ----Guangsha regards quality as its foundation and development principle, and its construction acceptance rate is 100% with acceptance rate above 80%. Guangsha has obtained 31 Luban Prizes and over 500 other prizes, including local prizes like Qiangjiang Cup, Magnolia Cup, Great Wall Cup, Three Gorges Cup, etc. in provincial and municipal level.