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Mar 31,2017

To repay society and contribute to public, Guangsha made huge investment in the establishment of Zhejiang Guangsha Construction Vocational and Technical College in Dongyang. 

Zhejiang Guangsha Construction Vocational and Technical College

Guangsha College:
Zhejiang Guangsha Construction Vocational and Technical College is a full-time vocational college established with an investment of nearly 50 million Yuan from Guangsha Holding Company. It has been approved by the People's Government of Zhejiang Province and put on record at the Ministry of Education. It covers an area of 1,000 Mu, with 320,000 m2 construction area; it has a library with 990,000 books; its assets of educational and scientific research equipment is over 60 million Yuan; five secondary colleges are set up with 27 majors; it includes 12,000 students and over 800 faculty and staff; it boasts elegant college environment, first class facilities of education, experiment and training, living, literature and entertainment, etc.. 
The college sticks to the principle of centering on teaching with strict execution of rules, which contributes to the good learning atmosphere and orderly education and life. With the orientation of employment, the college sets up majors with close connection to regional economy and social demand; it actively carries out connection between employment and education, college-enterprise cooperation, courses integration and modularized teaching; emphasizes studying for the purpose of application and skill training; stresses on construction of ideology and culture and organizes educational activities with themes such as “four comparisons of ideology”. With constant improvement in teaching quality, the students have obtained great achievements in various competitions and have won over 100 awards since 2006, while the employment rate of the college ranks ahead of the like colleges in Zhejiang in successive years. The college has set up a training center and Occupational Skill Appraise Institute ,which aim to organize various types of training courses and skill appraise and provide public service. Xi Jinping, Zhang Dejiang and former minister of the Ministry of Education Zhou Ji have visited the college and highly affirmed various works. The college has won the following titles: 10 Excellent Private Colleges in China, National Training Base of Talents with Excellent Skills, Top 50 National Vocational Colleges with High Employment Quality, Zhejiang Safety School, Zhejiang College with Innovative Students Management; Zhejiang Advanced College in Scientific Research, Zhejiang Advanced College in Experiments, Jinhua Civilized Unit, etc.. It has been listed as the base of training urgently demanded talents in construction industry by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Construction.