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Mar 31,2017

To repay society and contribute to public, Guangsha made huge investment in the reorganization of Jinhua Guangfu Hospital in Jinhua. 
Zhejiang Jinhua Guangfu Hospital

Zhejiang Jinhua Guangfu Hospital is invested and controlled by China Guangsha Group. Being the largest modern hospital in middle and western Zhejiang, it has integrated health care, scientific research, education, prevention and rehabilitation while featuring on the treatment of tumor; it is a non-profit medical organization, designated hospital of medical insurance and designated hospital of rural cooperative medical insurance; it is an unit reliable in price and measure in Zhejiang, a designated health examination unit of recuperation and rest base for national model worker, a friendship hospital of Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Jinhua cooperative hospital with Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital. It has been granted the credit of “National Private Non-enterprise Advanced Unit” by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, “Provincial Civilized Unit” by Zhejiang Provincial Government, “Provincial Green Hospital” by Zhejiang Provincial Environmental Protection Agency and Zhejiang Provincial Department of Public Health, “Provincial Safety Hospital” by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Public Health and Zhejiang Provincial Department of Public Security, “Provincial Sanitation Advanced Unit” and “Ideology and Political Work Advanced Unit” by Zhejiang Provincial Government and Zhejiang Provincial Department of Public Health, the first batch of “Honesty Hospital” by Jinhua Public Health Department, etc.. With the approval of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Public Health, Guangfu Hospital adds the brand of “Tumor Treatment Center in Middle Zhejiang”, which is the second name of the hospital. In 2009, the hospital was credited as “5A Private Non-enterprise Unit”.
The total investment of this hospital is 280 million Yuan. It covers an area of 220 Mu, including 540,000 m2 total construction area. It has 600 beds open to public use. Now it has 645 staff, including 490 professional technicians, 70 advanced profession staff and 158 middle professional staff as well as many specialists with rich experience presiding over the business of each department. The hospital has set up 28 clinical departments and 20 medicine skill departments, including the general surgery department, the thoracic surgery department, the neoplasm surgery department, the E.N.T. department, the head and neck surgery department, the urology surgery department, the orthopedics department, the neurosurgery department, the breast oncology surgery department, the minimally invasive surgery department, the neoplasm medicine department, the respiration medicine department, the cardiovascular medicine department, the digestion medicine department, the kidney medicine department, the gynecology department, the hands and feet surgery department, the neurology department, the endocrinology department, the intervention department, the radiation department, the tuberculosis department, the traditional Chinese medicine department, the rehabilitation department, the rheumatism department, the ophthalmology department, the emergency room, the health management center, etc.. Besides, the hospital has established the following national and provincial professional skill centers with unique features: Jinhua Minimally Invasive Treatment Center, Jinhu Radiation Treatment Center, Jinhua Cancer Pain Treatment Center, Pathological Diagnosis Center, Intervention Treatment Center, Multimodality Treatment of Tumor Consultation Center, etc..
In March of 2011, the second construction phase of the hospital was officially launched. The project will be built in accordance with the requirement of Grade 3 first-class hospital with an area of 11,781 m2, including 22, 040 m2 construction area, and 480 beds and 8 new medicine sections. It is expected to be completed in June, 2011. After been put into operation, the hospital function will be greatly improved and it will play a more significant role in  regional health care.
With the introduction of advanced management and medical concepts at home and abroad, the service awareness and medical technology of Guangfu Hospital are highly renowned in middle and western Zhejiang. Sticking to the service principle of “Regard patients as a family and take care of them as family members”, Guangfu Hospital offers the society first-class heath care with excellent skills and scientific management.