Group Industry

Cultural Media Industry
Mar 31,2017

In 2001, China Guangsha cooperated with Communist Youth League of Zhejiang Party Committee to found Zhejiang Youth Information Communication Co., Ltd to start Youth Times jointly. On October 20th, with Youth Times as the core, Zhejiang Youth Information Communication Co., Ltd appeared with a new image. Its business covers fields including paper publishing, radio and television operation, Internet and cell phone publishing, advertisement planning agency, paper printing and logistics, trade, business consulting and cultural industry investment. It has a total registered capital of 35 million Yuan and nearly 700 employees. 
China Guangsha has been involved in film and TY industry for long time. Zhejiang Guangsha Culture Media Group, under the management of it, is a professional institution engaged in film and TV program production and issue. Nearly a hundred long TY series are made each year. The representative works include “Phoenix in Peony”, “Growth”, “Tales of Liaozhai”, “Shaoxing Secretary”, “Gifted Scholar-Tang Bohu”, etc..