Social Responsibility Philanthropist Lou Zhongfu

Public Charity

When talking about Guangsha, we will think of the popular verse that “In which way can we establish thousands of houses for the poor scholars, so that they can live a happy life”. Guangsha got its name form the famous verse of The Thatched Cottage Blown Down by Autumn Wind, which was written by Du Fu, the great Poet in Tang Dynasty. It is a unity of name and ambition and it represents the pursuit, ideal and great ambition of Guangsha People, that is, to develop the country with industry and to repay the society.  Guangsha linked social responsibility to the development of enterprise since it was established and it aimed to become an enterprise with high sense of responsibility. Mr. Lou, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Guangsha always says that “The development of Guangsha, the diversified and large-scale modern enterprise, can not be separated from the reform and opening up policy of the Communist Party as well as the support from the people from all walks of life. The thousand miles high tree can not live without root. Therefore, Guangsha always takes repaying the society as its responsibility”.


For more than twenty years, Guangsha Group has actively participated in public welfare establishments:


Guangsha Group has invested RMB 400,000,000 Yuan to establish many public facilities since 1993, such as Dongyang Children’s Park, Xishan Park, Guangsha Baiyun Culture City and Tiandu City Four Season Park. These places have become the ideal touring places for the residence.


It has actively participated in Chinese Young Volunteers Activity, including donating to Hangzhou Volunteers Activity for six consecutive years with a total amount of RMB3,200,000 Yuan;


In 2002, it donated RMB15,000,000 Yuan to eastablish Zhejiang Charity Federation “Zhongfu Charity Fund” and subsidized 300 orphans with good morality and study every year till senior middle school; it donated RMB1,400,000 Yuan to establish Chongqing Fengjie Hope Primary School and Zhejiang Dongyang Sandan Hope Primary School;


It donated RMB16,200,000 Yuan for the charity organizations in Hangzhou, Dongyang and Yuhang to eastablish many charity funds; it has actively participated in “Spring Breeze Activity” for many years in a row and provided help for the poor; it donated a great amount of money to the areas hit by SARS, typhoon Raninim and Indian Ocean tsunami;


In 2002, in order to improve the medical treatment conditions in middle Zhejiang, it invested RMB280,000,000 Yuan to eastablish Jinhua Guangfu Hospital, which has become a modern special tumor hospital in middle Zhejiang and covers nine cities in Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi and Anhui. In order to improve the cultural connotation of establishing construction a construction province of Zhejiang and develop education, it invested RMB300,000,000 Yuan to eastablish Zhejiang Guangsha Construction Vocational and Technical College in 2002, which was conferred as “First-class Chinese Private College” by China Education Association and became “China Top Ten Excellent Private Colleges”.


In order to enrich the cultural and entertainment life of the people, Guangsha Group actively supported cultural undertakings. It has sponsored and assisted many large-scale cultural activities, such as “Hangzhou West Lake Expo International Fireworks Show”, “Memorial Activity of the 100 Anniversary of Xiayan”, “The 8th China Culture Population Prize” and The 80th Anniversary of Communist Party themed by “I bear in mind the Communist Party-Nanhu Red Boat Visit”, which is celebrated by Zhejiang, Guizhou and Shaanxi.


In September 2003, Guangsha Group went to Beijing and attended “The 50th Anniversary of All China Federation of Industry and Commerce and Glory Undertaking Achievements Exhibition”. National leaders like Liu Yandong, the Vice-chairman of C.P.P.C.C. and the Minster of the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, Huang Mengfu, the Vice-chairman of C.P.P.C.C. and the Chairman of All China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Miss Slakon, the Director General of the Enterprise Bureau of United Nations Development Porgram and Mr. Dolby, the Office Director of the Secretary General of the United Nations visited the booth of Guangsha and highly praised the outstanding contributions that it made in public welfare.


Lou Ming, the President of Guangsha Holding made a speech of “It Is the Responsibility of Entrepreneur to Repay the Society” on the “China International Glory Undertakings and Poverty Alleviation Seminar- Enterprise Forum”, and won great reputation from the representatives of entrepreneurs at home and abroad.


In March 2004, Guangsha Holding participated in the opening ceremony of “Green China Build the Great Wall” in Badaling spoiled Great Wall. Pan Yue, the Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Environmental Protection showed appreciation that Guangsha supports environment protection and China Environmental Culture Protection Association conferred Guangsha with the title of “Enterprise that Is Ardent in Environmental Protection and Public Welfare”.


In 2004, it invested RMB4,000,000 Yuan to establish Zhejiang Media College “Media Scholarship”; it invested RMB3,000,000 Yuan solely in sponsoring the theatrical evening of the opening ceremony of the 7th China Art Festival. It held four special performances categorized by workers, military policemen, teachers, migrant labors for ordinary people, through which they enjoyed a high-level and high standard artistic performance for free. In the same year, it invested more than RMB60,000,000 Yuan to establish Zhejiang Film and Video Group with Zhejiang Broadcast and Television Group and RMB3,000,000 Yuan to establish Qianjiang Spray Art Troupe.


In 2006, Guangsha Group won the “big-leaf hydrangea” with an investment of RMB350,000,000 Yuan. It made great contribution to the cultural tourism of Nanjing, the capital of many dynasties in ancient times. In August of the same year, the ultra-strong typhoon “Saomai” attacked the coastal areas in Zhejiang and caused great loss to the lives and properties of local residence. Guangsha donated RMB300,000 Yuan to the area attacked by typhoon and organized a construction team to the disaster area to establish 90 rooms each with an area of 2000 ㎡. It invested more than RMB900,000 Yuan in total and created simple but warm houses for the families that were seriously damaged.


In 2007, in order to promote the opening of “migrant worker online” program in Zhejiang, Guangsha actively responded to the activity of providing radios for the farmer workers, and it got great social response.


In 2008, Guangsha Group organized Guangsh people across the country to donate for many times to support people in disaster areas. It also organized construction teams to go to disaster areas to support their reconstruction. There were over 6 million Yuan of funds and materials.


In 2009, each unit of the company widely launched activities of One-to-one Poverty Relief, Military-and-civilian construction and Sending Medicines to Countryside. Hangzhou overseas tourism company also supported areas in Taiwan damaged by Typhoon Morakot, with a total donation of over 1.2 million Yuan in that year.


In 2010, Guanghong Construction Co., Ltd. subordinate to the holding group set up a title relief foundation of 3 million Yuan, which would launch activities of winter relief, disability relief, medicine relief, poverty relief and disaster relief for successive 3 years.


In 2011, the holding group donated 35 million Yuan to Nyingchi Prefecture, Tibet, to construct “Famous Patriot Activity Center”; in the same year, Construction Group and Dongyang Third Construction donated 1 million Yuan to the 8th Games for the Disabled separately and were awarded the medals of “Charitable Enterprise”.


In the end of 2011, Lou Ming, Chairman of Board of Directors of Guangsha Holding Group, invested 30 million Yuan to launch “Guangsha Migrant Worker Growth Project”, and announced “Seven Projects of Guangsha Migrant Worker Growth Project”, which included: investing 5 million Yuan in student aid of migrant workers; constructing 100 standardized schools for migrant workers’ children; building 100 cultural activity rooms.


On April 20th 2013, after Ya’an 7.0-magnitude earthquake took place in Sichuan, combining needs in the disaster area with the rescue experience of Guangsha Group in Wenchun earthquake, the company immediately launched related relief work; immediately donated Mikia Lighting series products of Guangsha Group (with a value of 5 million Yuan) to support Ya’an disaster area; convened subordinate construction enterprises of Guangsha Group, developed volunteer spirit of Guangsha rescue team in Wenchuan earthquake, actively participated in post-earthquake reconstruction in the disaster area, helped Ya’an people reconstruct their homes early, and appealed to all Guangsha people to donate money and materials, helping Ya’an people and spending the difficult time with them together with actual actions.


By now, Guangsha Group has donated about RMB 40,000,000 Yuan to charity organizations of all levels and the amount of donation and investment on public welfare establishments has reached more than RMB1,000,000,000 Yuan. At the same time, the prosperous development of Guangsha has provided over 50,000 job posts for the society and several billion of financial income.


The thousand miles high tree can not live without root. To develop the enterprise, repay society, and to do the good for the people are the eternal pursuit of Guangsha People.