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Tourism and Hotel Industry
Mar 31,2017

Hangzhou OTC Travel Int'l Ltd is an international travel agency managed by China Guangsha, a member of Pacific Asia Travel Association and one of the 65 travel agencies which provide travel abroad services for the Chinese at their own expense approved by National Tourism Administration.

1. Hangzhou Overseas Chinese Hotel: Hangzhou Overseas Chinese Hotel is located just in front of the beautiful West Lake. In 2000, the hotel was purchased by China Guangsha through bidding with 208 million Yuan. The hotel is a three-star overseas travel hotel with 218 guest rooms and equipped with complete facilities.
2. Tiandu International Holiday Inn: Tiandu International Holiday Inn is located in Hangzhou Tiandu City next to the Yellow Crane Mountain and Swan Lake. The hotel is designed in ancient palace style and is a five-star top-class holiday inn with over 270 luxury guest rooms. It was credited as a five-star travel hotel on April 8, 2009. 
3. Dongyang Lantian Baiyun Exhibition Center (Dongyang Xuanyu Hotel) : the center is a luxury travel hotel invested and constructed according to five-star standard in middle Zhejiang. The hotel sits next to green mountains and has 251 guest rooms, including presidential suite, duplex suite, luxury sunshine room and standard room. 
Dongyang Mansion: Dongyang Mansion is the first three-star overseas travel hotel in Dongyang. It is located in the downtown of Dongyang and has over 150 guest rooms of various types.