Group Industry

Manufacturing Industry
Mar 31,2017

The industrial manufacturing industry of China Guangsha is mainly  the lighting lamp production and non-ferrous metals processing of Shanghai Mingkai Group. The subsidiaries like Shanghai Lighting Lamp Co., Ltd., Shanghai Guangda Lighting Co., Ltd., Shanghai Lighting Lamp Institution, Shanghai Dongli Electronics Lighting Co., Ltd., Shangzhao-Fudan Light Source and Lighting Research Center and other enterprises are mainly specialized in the R&D, development, production, marketing and installation of various types of lighting lamps and energy-saving light source and lighting engineering. 
The subsidiaries of Mingkai Investment Group, such as Shanghai Flying Wheel Industry Co., Ltd., Shanghai Flying Wheel Non-ferrous Metal Advanced Materials Co., Ltd, Shanghai Flying Wheel Non-ferrous Metals Co., Ltd., etc. are mainly engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of non-ferrous metal and the marketing of metal, non-metal materials and construction materials.