corporate culture

Guangsha culture is people-oriented, strenuous and responsible culture 

Enterprise culture of Guangsha is people-oriented, strenuous and responsible culture. People-oriented, fighting and responsibility is the core Guangsha enterprise culture, generated and gradually formed during nearly 30 years’ developing process. It is a culture system with Guangsha characters.    

People-oriented is the weapon with which Guangsha wins in market competition; presume to work hard and dare to be the first are the ethos of Guangsha constantly developing new thinking, opening new situation and welcome new future; courage of shouldering responsibility is the reliable guarantee which achieves Guangsha cause.      

People-oriented, fighting and responsibility is the footstone and soul of Guangsha enterprise culture, and also the inexhaustible source of enterprise’s sustainable healthy development.  

The core value

Fighting, innovation, presume to work hard and dare to be the first .
“Those who do not fight are not Guangsha people”. Nearly 30 years of development history of Guangsha is a history of fighting and innovation. Guangsha people regard competition and innovation as its way of dealing with affairs and guidance of action. 

In the eyes of Guangsha people, there is no river which can no be crossed and no mountain which can not be climbed. Guangsha people understand that fighting is not acting recklessly. Fighting is the decisive decision after considering the situation; it is an innovation development which turns impossibility into possibility; it is a perseverance character after setting his goal and then adhering to it. 

Dare to be the first is the inner driving force of Guangsha’s development and is the specific situation which Guangsha people harbor the big world and pursue first-grade goals. Guangsha has the courage to break conventions, do what others can not think, do what others dare not think and do what others can not achieve. 
Guangsha people are brave to create and strive to be the first. 

Guangsha vision

Short-and-medium-term goal: by 2014, transform Guangsha into a large multi-national corporation with reasonable industrial structure, good property system, scientific operation system, good operation efficiency, good social credit and good employee look. 
Long-term goal: construct one of open and integrated world top 500 enterprises geared to international standard early, and achieve the grand goal of “Guangsha of hundreds of year, Top 100 Guangsha”. 

Guangsha mission

Promoting and constructing a beautiful human life is enterprise mission of Guangsha and also the unshaken historical mission of Guangsha people. 
Guangsha founds and booms the enterprise with the thought of industry serving the country, and is always connected with the future and fortune of the country. Social progress, country prosperity and people’s well being and fulfilling an enterprise’s social responsibility are Guangsha’s social and national outlook. 
Contribute more and better quality products to the society is the goal strived by Guangsha and also the specific embodiment of Guangsha’s historical mission. 

Guangsha spirit

Devotion, precision, transcendence, dedication 
The core of devotion is responsibility. Devotion not only means to work hard and steadily, but to constantly study and to make progress in actual work. The direction of improvement is precision. Devotion is the basis, precision is the capital and transcendence is purpose. Only when devoting, can one transcend himself. It applies to people as well as enterprise development. 


Promote and construct a beautiful human life 

Nowadays, Guangsha has achieved its original goal of “constructing thousands of buildings”. Apart from doing well principal business like construction and real estate, Guangsha has entered energy, finance manufacturing, school, hospital, hotel, tourism, film and television, media industries. Guangsha will not only become a builder of homes of beautiful life, but become promoter and practitioner who creates a beautiful human life. 

Guangsha style

Uprightness, aggressiveness, aspiration 
Uprightness is the root of people existing in the world and the basis of an enterprises existing in the world. Guangsha promotes impartial handling, and opposes favouritism practices; it promotes devotion and innovation and opposes opportunism; it promotes open and aboveboard and devotion, opposes collision.